Rain on your wedding day is good luck (Prospect Park Audubon Center)

g&j06 And a ton of fun with the right attitude. Greta and Jeremy had planned for an outdoor wedding w/all the trimmings, including a dramatic entrance via boat. A sprinkle turned into a downpour and the entrance and outdoor ceremony was out of the question. "The Captain" made it very clear early on he was up for anything and after Greta and Jeremy said "I do" they adventurously also said "why not" and climbed aboard the boat...at night...in the pouring rain. I of course jumped on board with them. The flimsy canopy top didn't do much to keep us dry. The Captain kindly lent me his raincoat (thanks Cappy) and everything was going great...till the wind picked up and it started raining sideways! Captain offered Greta and Jeremy a plastic garbage bag to cozy up in and stay dry. (FYI, it was a pitch black night and I couldn't see a thing. I'd wait to hear them giggling or kissing and that would be my cue to click the shutter. I snapped one of my favorite images of the night like that, no flash and a long exposure to boot. I'm a girl who loves a challenge;) Soon the rain was so bad I spread my arms like a mama bird and covered them with Captain's coat till we made it back to shelter. They now have a story to tell for years, none of which would have been possible on a beautiful, sunny day.