Dress shopping? Check out Gabriella Bridal (recognize the wall art?)

gb09sI think Gabriella Risatti (owner of Gabriella Bridal) and I were separated at birth.  She has a sharp wit and fantastic sense of humor. Not to mention that she's a savvy business woman with a love of all things bridal, but I digress...We hit it off the first time we met at an industry mixer in her shop. I asked her if she'd be interested in sprucing up her white walls with a few of my photographs. She told me several photographers have asked to hang photos in her shop but that I was the first photographer who's photos actually moved her, made her laugh out loud and feel something. We collaborated on the selection and I couldn't be happier with the results. I'm especially fond of the edgy photos in the dressing rooms (see below). According to a member of their sales team "The brides are so busy looking at your photos that they aren't focusing on the dress!" Ladies, work with me here....dress first, photos second;) Our goal is to cycle in new photos throughout the year of "Gabriella Brides" in wedding day action wearing dresses bought at Gabriella's, photographed by yours truly. gb07s