Colleen and Mohamed at Steiner Studios

Here is a little sneak peak at Colleen and Mohamed's wedding. They had a private City Hall ceremony in the spring, so this was just one big, fun reception. It was my first time shooting at Steiner Studio Stage 6 in Bklyn. Wow, what an amazing venue! Not only is the staff fantastic, but the views are amazing and the food actually tastes as good as it looks. Congratulations Colleen and Mohamed! bolandalhemay001bolandalhemay018bolandalhemay032-2bolandalhemay059bolandalhemay104bolandalhemay108bolandalhemay112bolandalhemay185bolandalhemay268bolandalhemay219bolandalhemay154bolandalhemay344bolandalhemay327bolandalhemay380bolandalhemay142bolandalhemay298bolandalhemay309bolandalhemay295bolandalhemay076