Matt and Michelle at The Stone Mill in the New York Botanical Gardens

You could still smell the fresh paint from the recent renovations at The Stone Mill at the New York Botanic Gardens on the day of Matt and Michelle's wedding. The renovations are just beautiful. The Stone Mill looks like an elegant cottage hidden in the middle of the gardens. Matt and Michelle were married outside next to a babbling brook (c'mon, when will I ever get to say that in real life) Friends read selected poems and Matt and Michelle recited their vows w/the microphone turned off. They wanted to have that moment just to themselves. You didn't need to hear them to know how they felt about each other, it was all over their faces and in their body language. We caught the last of the sunlight during our portrait session, then it was off to the reception. Guests enjoyed a sit down dinner at long, family style tables. The flower girls were little energizer bunnies all night long dancing way past their bedtime. At the end of the night Michelle surprised everyone by changing into a traditional red Chinese wedding dress for the final hour of her reception. Matt was thrilled!