Luke and Jennifer at the Prospect Park Zoo

Luke and Jennifer share a love of animals. They both work at the Bronx zoo (that's where they met) and knew they wanted animals to play a role in their wedding. Since riding in on an elephant was out of the question and the Bronx Zoo was a little too close to home, they approached friends at Prospect Park Zoo. This is the first wedding ever held at the zoo. So newsworthy in fact that they were featured in the New York Times Vows column (Mike Nagel, one of my associate photographers, was the photographer assigned to shoot the wedding by the Times, so essentially they had two of my photographers covering their event.) They were married outside the sea lion exhibit and later the sea lions performed in their honor. All of the animals received "wedding presents" to open courtesy of the newlyweds full of grub worms and other tasty treats. It'll be the hottest item on the Williams Sonoma registry this season I'm sure, you watch. Photos by Jake Price assisted by Drew Anthony Smith