Eric and Nicole at Gedney Farm

I love it when I get to shoot a wedding in the Berkshires. Number one, it's just downright beautiful.  Number two, my best friends own a country house there so I get to mix a little business with pleasure. The bride and groom love it too because they don't have to pay for me to stay in a hotel room. But I digress. Nicole looked "straight out of Bride magazine" according to her mom and she was right-Nicole looked stunning. The feather in her hair was a fun touch. Eric decided to torture his groomsmen and made them all get real bow ties. I admit I was giggling behind the camera while all the guys were crammed into the small bathroom with one mirror, struggling to figure it out. Thanks to a You Tube tutorial the fellas eventually figured it all out and looked sharp in their blue and black stripes and matching black patten leather sneakers. As for Eric, he got himself a regular tie-smart guy. It was an unseasonable warm day in November, in the low 60's. We took full advantage of it and had beautiful light for our stroll around the grounds before the ceremony. Guests had fun at the do it yourself photo booth upstairs while others were getting down on the dance floor. The bride can do a mean robot;)