Arianna and Richard at TrumpSoho's SoHi room

Arriana and Richard are just delightful human beings. There. I said it. Such a joy to be around. Arianna has a glowing and positive spirit. She can also tear up at just the mention of her cake or her dress. I always knew to keep tissues around whenever we were meeting. She and Richard are very warm and open, I knew their wedding day would be special. The waterworks started that afternoon when she first saw her bouquet "Wait till your foundation dries!"-make up artist.  Aside from a hair mishap that she handled like a lady ("Just get rid of her Kelly I'll do it myself!" which she did and looked amazing) getting ready was a blast. Then reveal time. Talk about tears! Even I got choked up. There were cameras everywhere documenting the moment in SoHo and I'm not just talking about me. Turns out Leica&Levi's  opened a pop up store/photo workshop complete with a full on photo studio. We stopped in for a quick shoot. All the students applauded and were snapping away. Only in New York. The ceremony was very personal, they wrote their own vows and had everyone meditate together before they began. Our On Site Portrait Studio was open all though out the reception. Guests posed for their portraits, we printed them out and placed them in beautiful frames provided by Arianna. Guests went GaGa for their favors. Speaking of GaGa, Dj Duane kept the party going all night in the SoHi room. The views of the city were stunning! My favorite image is of Arianna&Richard reflected in the window. It looks as if they're floating on top of NYC, which in a way I guess they were.