Angie and Jerry at Walkers

Angela and Jerry had been together for 15 years. They (finally;) decided to make it official. It was Angela's first trip to the alter and I think everyone was overwhelmed with the happiness they felt for both of them. All of Angela's nieces and nephews and Jerry's grandchildren were in the wedding party. I'd never seen so much cuteness in all my life! Angela was definitely going for that 50's look and she nailed it. It takes guts to chop a wedding gown at the knees and boy did it pay off. All the better to show off her shoes;) After the ceremony and a stroll on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade everyone made their way over to the couples favorite watering hole, Walkers in Tribecca. They were the first wedding to take place in the recently renovated back room, I can tell you that they won't be the last. Such an incredible day, congratulations! Photography by Kelly Guenther with assist by Drew Anthony Smith