Ingrid and Philippe at The Palm House Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Ingrid and Philippe live in Singapore. We finally met in person just a couple weeks before their wedding and I could tell that this was going to be a fun party. They had friends and family flying in from all over the world for this wedding. The evening was a mixture of Western, Jewish and Chinese traditions. They were married under a hoopah, danced the hora and performed a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony for their parents. Can I just say that Philippe is one smooth cat? He actually strutted up the aisle w/Ingrid after the "I do's" and pulled it off! Very impressive. I love the photos of Philippe popping in on Ingrid while she was changing into her traditional Chinese gown. She didn't want him to see her in the dress and he eventually covered up his face with a napkin so as not to ruin the surprise. They also played a few embarrassing get to know you games, another Chinese tradition. They were good sports about it, and everyone had a good laugh at their expense. Towards the end of the night I grabbed them for a few night shots in the snow. The sky was this crazy orange color emphasized even more due to my long exposure. I like to think of it as a little Brooklyn wedding gift. I'm sure it's good luck.