Mark and Sarah at the Westin Book Cadillac in Detroit

I met Mark and Sarah well over a year ago at the Bam Bridal show. I was giving a talk about how to hire the right photographer. They came right up to me after and said "We don't have a date or a venue but we know we want you to be our photographer." Sounded good to me. None of us had any idea at the time that the wedding would end up being in Detroit. But like I say have wedding, I'll travel;) Nothing like a destination wedding in Detroit in the middle of winter. I'm not knocking Detroit, quite the contrary. I grew up in Toledo so Detroit was the big city to me as a kid. I've always had a soft spot for the motor city. We flew in Saturday morning and got right to work. Sarah looked stunning! We headed out to meet Mark for the first look moment. Mind you its freezing cold. I was so worried about her toes-I'll be damned if I lose a bride to frost bite! She had adrenaline and the love from her grandmother's wrap to keep her warm. Mark was waiting in the cold by the scenic Detroit river for his bride to be. They're both private people and wanted that first look moment to be just between them. Then we took a stroll around downtown Detroit, even stopping to "give daps" to the Joe Lewis fist. The ceremony was a blend of Jew"ish", African American and their own traditions all mixed together. Their rings were wrapped in Sarah's mother's scarf (who passed away over three years ago) and were then passed around the church for blessings from all the guests. It was very moving and powerful.  During the reception we had the On Site Portrait studio set up and the guests really had fun with it. The band was incredible! They all tour w/famous Motown artists so you can imagine how loud and funky the horah was. Mark however does not tour w/famous Motown artists but that didn't stop him from surprising everyone, especially Sarah, by singing Barry White. Oh what a night! Such a fantastic group of people, I'm honored to have spent the weekend with them (and a night at the Detroit airport with some of them, but that's another story...).