Josh and Liz in Cuernavaca Mexico

Josh and Liz are born and bred Brooklynites. They knew if they got married in NYC they'd have to invite, well, all of Brooklyn. They wanted a more intimate wedding. Since they were keeping the guest list small, they decided the perfect location would be a little boutique hotel in Cuernavaca Mexico, Las Mananitis, where they had been vacationing for years. The town is known for their secret gardens, and Las Mananitis has some of the most beautiful gardens around. You'd never know it from the outside, but behind the high stone walls literally lies paradise. Guests took over the entire hotel for the weekend and enjoyed the heck out of the amazing weather, especially since NYC had just been hit with it's second blizzard of the season. Josh and Liz are both in the food&wine industry so you can bet that there was plenty top of the line spirits and nosh all weekend. Liz looked amazing in her dress with hand embroidered floral details that accented the local flavor. All guests were encouraged to wear bright colors. It's a toss up for me who wins most colorful guest award: the gentleman in the pink floral sports coat w/matching pants or grandma in the green dress (it's the white shoes that put he over the top). I think it was the first time this Mexican based orchestra played the hora, I don't think they knew how to end it! It went on an on....don't get me wrong it was a blast! I was just worried the guests were going to faint from exhaustion. But everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and that's the most important thing. Congrats Liz and Josh, and thanks for choosing me, I needed the sunshine;) Oh! And for helping me get over my fear of birds! Part of the charm of the hotel were the peacocks, flamingos and other large stunningly beautiful birds that would wander the grounds. I had just unpacked my bag and I opened my door to explore the hotel and there standing in my doorway was a peacock in its full glory just staring at me! We both screamed (ok, peacocks can't scream but I could tell it was startled) then ran away from each other. I eventually stopped running and started laughing and that was the end of my fear of birds.