Kelly Guenther Studio and The Tonys

Some of you may have seen our name in the credits for the Tonys (unless you blinked then you missed it;). The sets for the big musical numbers were a combination of actual set pieces and digital LED screens. We spent days shooting thousands of photos of all the nominated musical sets. These images were then pieced together and animated by our own web guru and motion graphic genius Brandon Bell of Design-O-Matic. I've attached two videos below, one from the Anything Goes number and one from Sister Act. For Anything Goes, the only thing not digitized is the lower deck and the railing. The boat, the sky, all the portals...basically everything else are all digital animations using our photos. It's hard to tell the digital from the real thing. The big Mary in the Sister Act number? I took that shot from the balcony...more like I took 1000 shots of Mary from the balcony and they were all pieced together through the different lighting cues to make her come alive. Not literally of course, atleast I don't think so, I didn't actually see the show;) Anyway, we were thrilled to be a part of something so big as The Tonys. I apologize in advance if the Anything Goes song gets stuck in your head. And no, I can't get you tickets to see Book of Mormon.