NYC Wedding Industry Networking WeDo Event at The Green Building

Brides always ask me "Do you know a great caterer, florist, DJ, hair&make up person?" etc. and I've loved connecting them with professionals that I've formed relationships with over the years. I like making the referrals to my couples because I KNOW that the people I recommend are not only fantastic at what they do but they're fun people to be around on the big day. I think everyone can agree that getting a referral from someone you trust is much better than blindly searching for a vendor on the web. Having the ability to refer great vendors is a win win for couples and for our businesses. There are so many talented people in the wedding industry in NYC-the problem is getting all of us in one room so we can network and form relationships with each other that will benefit our couples. That's why I'm starting up a wedding industry networking group called WeDo, as in We Do photography, planning, cakes, flowers etc. It will bring together the best wedding vendors in NYC on a regular basis via monthly networking events where we will be showcasing our member talent. I've teamed up with Ara Farnam of Rock Paper Scissors Events to make this group a reality. Membership to WeDo will be selective but not snobby and we're in the process of signing up our Charter Members now. Through out the summer and fall we will be hosting Charter Member cocktail parties to tell everyone what WeDo is all about like this one we hosted at The Green Building. Everyone is really energized by the idea and our list of new members grows everyday. Our website is under construction now. Until then follow us on Twitter @WeDoNYC or like us on Facebook to keep up with WeDo news.

If you'd like more information about becoming a WeDo member, email