Hurricane Irene, Cindy and Richard and a dip in the pool

A hurricane on your wedding day. It's every brides worst nightmare. You've been planning for months, sometimes years....this was not in your plan! You have guests in town from all over the world, everything is paid for. Do you reschedule? Go for it and hope the weather reports are all just media hype? These are hard choices and I didn't envy any bride who had to make those decisions that weekend. We had two weddings booked for that Saturday. Friday morning I get a call from Sue the fabulous event planner at Wolffer Estates "Are you ready for this?" she asks, "They canceled?" I said, "Nope, they're doing it tonight at their house, can you have everyone out here by 2pm?" Yikes!! I called the A Team: Mike Nagle Photographer, Mike Canzoniero Videographer and Jordan Gomez Assistant. The biggest worry? All of them had their wedding clothes at the dry cleaners, other than that they were ready to roll on a moments notice. Mind you reports at that time were saying lower Manhattan may very well be under water not to mention the Hamptons (later mandatory evacuations were ordered right where the wedding took place!) But you wouldn't know any of that chaos was happening when you look at the photos. Looks like they planned this to be at their home from the beginning. Cindy was a cool cucumber who really went with the flow. Nothing was going to stop the love. Best part? After the party she and Richard jumped in their pool!! I have to say when I heard that I was soooo jealous I wasn't shooting, I've always wanted to document that moment. Mike and Jordan nailed it and even thought enough ahead to submerge large hurricane (ha!) candle vases in the water and use them as underwater housing devices for their cameras. Still think it doesn't make a difference to hire a photojournalist? We're all about thinking on our feet and improvising. We live for the spontaneous. The underwater shots are so incredible. The last photo reminds me of the famous Rolling Stone cover of John&Yoko, except this one is under water and Cindy is wearing a Monique Lhuillier designed wedding dress. Ok maybe I'm stretching it a bit. Photos by Michael Nagle with Assist by Jordan Gomez