Rick and Jay gay wedding at City Hall in NYC

Monday morning I got a call from Rick. He had seen my blog entry about Gay Marriage and wanted to know if I was available to photograph he and his partner getting married....tomorrow morning! I jumped at the chance. As a journalist, a wedding photographer and an avid supporter of gay rights I've been dying to document a gay wedding in NYC since we passed the marriage equality act. I met up with Jay and Rick at their hotel while they were getting ready. They bought matching suits eight years ago when they first met hoping one day to wear them on their wedding day, if and when that day would ever come. "They're a little out of date," said Jay, but they wouldn't dream of wearing anything else. Riding in the car on the way to the courthouse I could feel the anticipation and energy in the car....it was more than wedding nerves. Now. Today. In the next hour they will be legally married. Something neither of them ever thought they would experience in their lifetime. "Can I see your marriage license please?" asked the clerk. "Wow.....I never thought I'd hear that." The clerk looked like a Bruno Kirby look-a-like (wait, maybe it was Bruno Kirby), and in his thick New York accent he bellowed "By the Gr-r-r-rate State of New York I now pronounce you married!!!" Sobs of joy all around, it was hard for me not to lose it. Stay focused Kelly, literally;) There is a photo of Rick looking at the Marriage License and you can feel the weight of that piece of paper and what it means to him. "I'm equal...I'm now seen as equal." After the ceremony we all walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. While they were kissing under the umbrella a construction worker yelled out "Hey! I like your matching suits! You look good!" God I love this town. I could tell as they looked around the city that everything changed for them. They were equal, New York City saw them as equal and acknowledged their love. "We should move here." We'd love to have you! Congratulations Rick and Jay!