Bridezillas go crazy at In Any Event Halloween Bash!!!

Ok, so I'm the Bridezilla* and so is my friend in the biz Megan Hill from Hello Super 8. Wedding planners extraordinaire Leslie Price and Eyal Tessler of In Any Event threw an amazing party at Guastavino's last night to celebrate their 10 years in business. Since it was Halloween and full of wedding industry folks I thought the Bridezilla thing would be a riot. We bought our dresses at a thrift store in Bushwick. The staff were so taken w/us trying on dresses.... "You look so pretty! When is the wedding?!" I didn't have the heart to tell her it was for a costume, so I patted my belly and said "Two months!" We recruited makeup artist Sharon Becker with SB Beauty to do our hair and makeup. It went against every fiber of her being to do bad bridal make up but she nailed it! Bad color choices, gobs and gobs of mascara and highlighter in all the wrong places. She added 10lbs to my face! And my hair! My god I looked like Joan Cusack from Working Girl-Sharon's got skills. We stuffed our tails, sewed ourselves into our dresses then stuffed ourselves into a cab. Everyone was so into our outfits! Mark Ingram actually told me my dress was coming back in style! God I hope he was kidding. Megan and I had a back story we told anyone who would listen: We were sisters who were marrying brothers Timmy and Tommy tonight at Guastavino's, but we were left at the alter and decided to join the party instead. All said w/a thick New Jersey accent from 1987 of course. What? Accents can be dated....anyway. Jason Fioto from Generation Events was spinning some mad tunes all night long. Songs we all hear when we work our weddings but can't dance to. We all made up for it! It was so much fun for all of us to cut loose together. I don't know what came over me, maybe it was all the tulle but I danced my brains out all night long. Twirling, jumping, strutting, throwing mock temper tantrums anytime someone would step on my train. Good times.  We work hard making our couples' dream weddings come true, we needed a party to celebrate a successful season and blow off some steam. When I got home I realized I was stuck in my dress!!! I literally ripped it off and buttons went flying! So liberating, I highly recommend it. I know where you can get a dress dirt cheap, just tell them your wedding is in two months;) Below are snaps I took w/my point and shoot while wearing 4 inch green witch finger tips. No judgment. *I picked up all my Bridezilla behavior by watching television. I'm proud to say that in my 10 years of shooting weddings I have honestly never personally encountered a Bridezilla. Can someone knock wood;)

Happy Halloween!