Lauren and Alex's Full Moon Wedding

This wedding was just a blast from beginning to end. First, Lauren and her mother Ronnie are a treasure and a true joy to work with. The wedding took place on Ronnie's estate in Long Island-the entire place is like one big art instillation. It has such a positive energy, it's no wonder Lauren and Alex wanted to get married there. The first look took place under this enormous old tree. I'm a sucker for old trees, they just ooze wisdom and I find them very soothing and calming. It felt to me like the tree was blessing them and wrapping them up in its branches....ever read The Giving Tree? It was like that but w/o the sad ending...anyway. Everything about the wedding just felt so much like Lauren and Alex, so fun and genuine and a tad bit quirky;) The table settings were the most original I have seen in my 10 years of shooting. Ronnie mixed in some of her antiques with rentals. Everything was mix and match bric-a-brac yet it somehow came off very polished. Kind of like fashion models with perfectly tousled bed head; you know it took a heck of a lot of work to look oh so casual. It just made you smile, so much to look at and a surprise around every corner. I mean, a table called "Damn it Feels Good to Be a Gangsta"?! Genius. We did the videography, photography and set up a side tent just for the on site photo studio. DJ Shakey (Julie Covello) had the most booming sound system! It was like being at an NYC night club. The only time the guests left the dance floor was to visit the photo studio or to bask in the full moon light. It was one of those nights where the moon was so bright you could see your shadow by it. I had to take Lauren and Alex down to the dock for a quick portrait session. I love shooting in low light, so dramatic and romantic. A truly magical night for a magical couple. Congratulations Lauren&Alex! Photos by Kelly Guenther, Assist by David Filipponi, On Site Photo Studio by Jordan Gomez, Videography by Mike Canzoniero coming soon!