Naomi and Rob at the New York Botanic Gardens

I've known Naomi and her lovely family since I first moved to the city almost 14 years ago. I even traveled to London for her brother's wedding many moons ago. I was so touched when Naomi wanted to hire us to document her wedding day. I felt like an honorary member of their family all day, it was such a lovely shoot. The little ones almost upstaged Naomi and Rob during the ceremony. They were running around, clapping & giggling, it was really sweet. The littlest flower girl took a shine to me and stood right in front of me while I was sitting in the aisle just when Naomi and Rob were getting ready to say "I do." She just stood there and kept saying "Hi! Hi! Hi!" She was not going to be ignored. I finally said a hushed "Hi there!", patted her on the head and off she went on her merry way. We all had a little giggle over it. The portrait studio was a huge hit! It was non-stop from the time the booth opened. Guests had a blast and we were hustling to instantly get everyone prints. As usual the staff at the Botanic Gardens were wonderful and the food was just delicious. Congratulations Naomi and Rob! Photos by Kelly Guenther, Photo Studio by Drew Anthony Smith, Assist by Tanya Salazar