Melissa and Michael at The Foundry

Melissa was the picture of old Hollywood glamor in her dress. It fit her beautifully and when she walked it's like she was gliding on air. So graceful. The Foundry is one of my favorite venues in Brooklyn because you can get married outside rain or shine thanks to their clear top tent! The lights strung between the railings gave the wedding a kind of night time in Paris vibe (I've never been but I'm sticking with my description because I have a vivid imagination and watch lots of movies;). Tip of the Tongue did the food....OMG! Soooo crazy good. My favorite were the passed desserts at the end of the night. They were festive and delicious and refreshing, especially the mini ice cream cones. Guests pounced on them! I hardly had time to take a photo! After the wedding when Michael and Melissa picked up their photos Michael thanked me for making them go outside during the sunset. Those were their favorite photos of the evening. It's always a delicate situation for me to pull a bride and groom away from their guests. But I also know that this light and these photos will only take 5 min. to shoot and they'll cherish them for a lifetime. Thanks for indulging my creative whims and congratulations! Photos by Kelly Guenther with Assist by David Filipponi