Allison and James at Studio Square

The first thing you notice about Allison and James is....well I was going to write a little joke about their size difference but now that I'm writing this I'd have to say it's their warmth and kindness. Ever meet people and you just like them right away? That's James and Allison. They're just good people. Ok there's that AND the fact that James is HUGE!!! Like "Does this guy play for the Giants?" big. And Allison is teensy tiny! I could not stop giggling when I was shooting the detail photo of their rings together. Allison's ring looked like it was sitting inside of a platinum bracelet. The weather looked pretty ominous that was raining and everything was set for the outdoor ceremony on the roof. Looking out the window you could see the light rain on the puddles. But there was no going back. The wedding planners made sure everyone had umbrellas-we all just figured we'd get a little wet. And then it was like a love force field protected the roof or something because it was raining everywhere EXCEPT on their ceremony. I kid you not. I even made sure to shoot a wide shot to document this little wedding day miracle. Made my heart swell. The force field held out long enough to shoot family photos then BAM it poured! That was just fine with us because we were ready to go inside and party! They wanted the vibe to be relaxed and playful, they even had a pool table and video games to keep their guests entertained. The photo booth was a big hit and made for some of my favorite photos of the night. I'm not sure who danced more, Allison or their priest! That man had some moves. It was a fantastic party, just what James and Allison wanted. Congratulations you two!