Steven and Katie at the New York Palace Hotel

I met Steven and Katie via wedding planner extraordinaire (and WeDo member) Richard Newton of Atelier Weddings. Such an open, lovely couple. Katie is the kind of person who wears her heart on her sleeve-one of my favorite qualities in a bride to be. As you can see from the photos she is just beaming. I loved our walk around the city; I get a warm fuzzy feeling watching hardened New Yorkers soften when they see us walking up the street. We're all a bunch of softies. Heck even the hot dog vendor gave them the thumbs up and a complimentary pretzel! Once back at The Palace we took a peak at the reception room before all of the guests arrived and Katie immediately burst into tears "It's so us!". Richard and everyone at NY Palace did such a phenomenal job putting the room together. I LOVED the banquettes. I've never seen them in a formal setting. It really made the grand room much more homey. The ceremony room was also exquisite with all of the candles. So warm and inviting.  Right after they said "I do" Steven and Katie were shuttled off to a side room and that's where I got my shot of the day. I was just heading out to give them time alone and Katie joyously raised her arms up. I love that shot. It's always the 5 min right after the vows that I get my favorite images of the day. I also loved the last shot....they went into 2 hours of overtime that night! They were just having too much fun to stop the party. I wanted to document what 2 hours of overtime looked like and I found myself going back to the table settings. Melted candles, half empty drinks, shoes, cameras and my favorite Katie and Steven's names written out in wikki sticks. I kept revisiting their table the last hour of the party and it kept getting better: a half eaten piece of wedding cake, Katie's shoes on the table, an unfinished glass of champagne. Sometimes the story is in the details.