Miguel and Sarah in San Pancho, Mexico

I've been living in San Pancho, Mexico since Jan. and have made friends here that feel like family. Miguel and Sarah are two members of my new family. They met, fell in love, and decided to get married 2 1/2 weeks later! As someone who met, fell in love, and married my sweetie 2 1/2 months later it was truly a gift to celebrate their new love with them and let them know, no, you're not crazy. This is how love happens sometimes and it takes courage to follow your heart this way. I insisted on shooting their wedding as a gift. The whole town came together on the beach, new friends and people they didn't even know! It was a ceremony for Miguel and Sarah yes, but it was also a ceremony to celebrate love in general. Love for ourselves, each other, this land, this time...so much joy and hope and happiness. Erica led the ceremony, mixing in her laughing yoga games. To end the ceremony we all lined up to create an aisle, Miguel and Sarah each walked down the aisle with their eyes closed as everyone leaned in to whisper a message of love...I whispered to both "Give your love away". Because when you give your love to all, really truly give with your full heart, your heart grows, the love around you grows, love with other people and with your partner will grow as well. I love you both and I'm so happy for you!