What have I been up to?

A lot! Not that you can tell from this blog, I haven't posted anything since 2012! Yikes! But that doesn't mean KG Studio didn't do anything, it just means that I'm the kind of person who would rather live in the moment than write a post about it. But that is no excuse and I vow to be better from here on out. But just to prove I've been busy here is a quick synopsis of the past 3 years: The studio shot 45 weddings, we were published in New York Magazine 3 times, I started a wedding industry networking group for NYC called WeDo, we organized high end networking events once a month for two years (our 1year anniversary party had over 300 attendees), I dropped everything for 5 months to volunteer with OccupySandy during Hurricane Sandy. I was an onsite coordinator for the main hub at a church in Brooklyn, I organized logistics for goods coming and going. They called me "Flo" because I kept everything flowing smoothly-over $15million in donated goods! I picked up surfing and have now travel surfed to Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Spain, France and Brazil. Long Beach is my home beach and I surf any chance I get. I also joined Batala NYC, an all women afro Brazillian Samba Reggae percussion band. I play the Surdo and I love it! I've marched in numerous parades, more than one in a bikini;). I became obsessed with AcroYoga and deepened my meditation and yoga practice. I started going to Burningman...I don't even know where to start with that one. I jumped out of an airplane, ran with the bulls, danced...a lot. But most importantly I met my wife, we fell in love instantly and were married two months later on the the roof of her apartment building, in the cold, surrounded by a couple friends, drummers and passengers on the passing M train. Then we moved to Brazil for 5 months and were basically off the grid. I drummed in Carnival in Salvador, studied dance, shot photos, rediscovered my love of drawing and of course surfed. When I got back to NYC I decided to do things differently. I wanted to keep making my art (I'm a sculptor and painter) and breathe new life into the business I've been running for 12 years. I wanted to simplify my life and my business. So I got rid of the Manhattan office, the interns, the associate photographers and now run KG Studio much like I did when I first started in 2002. I feel lighter, re-energized and excited to shoot weddings again! I'm a sucker for love, always have been, being able to shoot that love so intimately is such an honor. It's simply the best job there is. If you know someone getting married anywhere in the world (clearly I love to travel) I want to shoot it! Send them my way, can't wait to hear from you!