“Kelly is an artist of high degree, an artist of the moment. She brought back to us scenes from our wedding which otherwise would have been lost to us, and while they told us about ourselves, they did so with her unique signature: her quickness, sensitivity, and her eye. Kelly managed to be everywhere, even though our guests would later report never even knowing she was there. We can’t express how much joy our photographs bring us. We want to thank you again for capturing it so beautifully and honestly. We are so appreciative of your talent.”
-Juliet and Eric


“Every time I turned around, you were at the perfect spot, with your camera in front of your face. Your warmth and kindness and patience was so calming and we are overwhelmed with how lucky we were to have found you. Thank you for everything, you were awesome, a real pro with a gifted eye and sense of timing.”
-Mike and Kinda


“Brian, our families and I want to think you for so elegantly, beautifully and artistically capturing our wedding. Words truly cannot describe our gratitude, amazement and love of your work. Our photos are remarkable and we are so proud to share them. Many thanks.”
-Mandy and Brian


“As a bride who has felt at times in my life that I am not terribly photogenic, Kelly really disproved that. I looked beautiful. Kelly’s style is unique...we were really looking for someone to capture the essence of our day as it happened, not to line up 89 different combinations of parents, relatives, friends, etc. for formal pictures. I know that our kids are going to look at our wedding pictures in 20 years and really understand how much in love we were that day.”
-Kate and Sean


"You never once interfered with whatever I happened to be feeling at that moment, and this is what I tell people was most divine about the photography for our wedding day is that it was organic. You allowed me the space to really show my true personality. And I've never, ever once been in a situation in my life where I felt that safe to be me."
- Arianna and Richard