Kris and Joanne at Prospect Park Picnic House

First can I just say how much I loved Joanne's bold use of color in her dress! The aqua ribbon train was so fabulous and fun, it really reflected Joanne's personality. We were all a little worried about the rain that day, but as usual on all my weddings the skies parted just before it was time for photos. I've got connections;) The ceremony started off with a great ice breaker; Joanne's dad knocked the bouquet out of her hand while hugging her, yet she some how managed this graceful back bend to pick it up. Had everyone in stitches! Well done lady, grace under pressure for sure. Because of the sketchy weather we had Prospect Park all to ourselves for portraits, so romantic. During the reception the kids stole the show. I had a hard time believing that the little Michael-Jackson-in-training ring bearer who had a dance circle around him for 70% of the reception was apparently very shy...until that night! When the music hits ya you gotta go with the flow-man that kid had some moves! To top it all off Joanne served pudding Snack Packs for heard me, Snack Packs! It was awesome. That's her favorite thing to eat and that's what she wanted to serve at her wedding. I love it. It's the little personal touches that really make a wedding memorable for all involved and really, who doesn't love puddin'? Photos by Kelly Guenther with Assist by Tanya Salazar