Gay marriage passes in NY!

I'm overwhelmed with emotion that gay marriage finally passed in my state. It's about time! It seemed so odd to me that gays could marry in Dubuque, Iowa but not New York City?! I've never understood why government would tell it's citizens who they can and can not marry. I've documented over 250 weddings and gay or straight they are all about the same thing: two people committing to love each other for the rest of their lives. How is that ever wrong? I'm so happy that all New Yorkers now have the choice to marry in their home state. So, in honor of gay marriage being legalized in NY I wanted to share the wedding of Brad and Michael. They are New Yorkers who chose to be married in Provincetown, MA, not because they had to go to Massachusetts to be married, but because Ptown is an incredibly important place in their lives and relationship. Knowing that their wedding will be legally recognized in New York makes these images even more meaningful somehow. Congratulations to Brad and Michael and to gays all over NY! Photos by Drew Anthony Smith for Kelly Guenther Studio