Holdon's 1st Birthday at the Brooklyn Farmacy

I don't normally shoot 1st Bday parties, but Chrisann is a friend and hello? have you seen how cute her baby is!? That little Holdon is a heart breaker-I personally love the hair part. She also has a background in events (http://ducksinarowevents.blogspot.com) so I knew it would be a great party w/fun elements to shoot. If you haven't been to the Bklyn Farmacy it's worth the trip. It's like stepping back in time...the old fashioned soda jerks, the ambiance, everything about it is nostalgic but w/that Bklyn hipster twist. I loved the "Message in a Bottle"- Chrisann had everyone write a little message to Holdon and stick it in a bottle that will be opened on his 18th birthday. Such a great idea. I also loved the wrapping job on the rocking horse. I mean really, what other options are there? When it came time for the big Happy Birthday moment Holden was all smiles. It was his first synthetic sugar moment and the little guy couldn't get enough! So adorable. Happy Birthday Holdon-I can't wait for #2!